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A birthday and playground venue provided with the latest technological equipment for birthdays, fun, and entertainment.

Four years have passed dozens of birthdays carried out, and still on the way up.

Since exceptional celebrations are fueled up with outstanding and discerning minds, ZIGZAG is ready to make it happen when recalled. Based on what’s mentioned above, we can say that with our lovely and in-action team, you can put your events from A to Z in prolific hands that can create unforgettable moments out of simplicity and creativity.

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Let’s count the various factors that are united to open doors for a successful birthday/event celebration:

- A wide and fully equipped hall - Hi-Tech lighting technology and sound switching machine(DJ) - Themes decoration and designs - Catering and Serving - Gifts and candies - Shows(Dog show, magic show, science show, clown) - Face painting and animation - Photo-video - Social Media Follow Up - SMS (invitation)

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